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Barbara S. Werner

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  • Barbara did a masterful job selling our home in San Jose. She helped us contract for minor work on the house to improve “curb appeal” and helped us set the asking price at a level that increased interest in the property. She publicized our home so well that there was a huge response to the weekend open house. Just 8 days after our home was listed, we had 9 offers that were all at or above our asking price. Escrow closed just a month later. I can’t recommend Barbara enough. Her professionalism, and her warm and cheerful personality, will make buying or selling a home a much less stressful experience for anyone that works with her.

    David H., San Jose

  • Choosing Barbara to sell our house was one of the easiest and best decisions that we could have made. She immediately jumped into action upon being selected as our agent, guiding us through the process to prep our house and move. In a slower market in San Jose, she got us multiple offers. Our house was on the market for a total 8 days. She is a miracle worker. Buying or selling a house can be incredibly stressful - Barbara made the process quick and stress-free.

    Ayumi U., San Jose

  • I was so lucky to have been referred to Barbara by a Los Angeles realtor to sell my townhome. As a fellow licensed, out-of-state realtor, I was very selective in who I wanted to work with. Barbara exceeded my expectations insofar as her knowledge, professionalism and personality. She got the job done and helped me achieve a very successful outcome! I highly recommend her to any buyer or seller!

    Karin M., Campbell

  • Barbara was a lifesaver for us last summer when we moved to the Silicon Valley for my husband’s job while I was 7 months pregnant with twins. Barbara is efficient she arranged 3 days of house hunting for us in a targeted area that suited our needs and she pre-screened the houses so that we would not waste any time. Barbara is knowledgeable she knows the Silicon Valley and surrounding areas very well. She could accurately describe the nuances of different cities and neighborhoods to give us a feel for what it would be like to live in each one including traffic levels, school reputations and activities in the area. She answered a multitude of questions we had regarding the home-buying process in California so that we’d feel more confident in making an offer. Barbara is an effective communicator the house we wanted had 6 other offers within the first week of it being on the market! She put together a persuasive offer package from us to the sellers, complete with a photo of our family standing in their back yard, a letter from us to the sellers and all of the facts about our offer in a neat binder. She stayed in close contact with the sellers’ agent throughout negotiations, which made the difference between the seller forgetting about us in a crowd of other eager buyers and the seller putting our faces with our name and offer and accepting. Barbara is diligent when we did find the house we wanted, she worked through issues with a faulty appraisal, which caused downstream problems with our lender. She didn’t stop at the second appraisal, when it was inaccurate. She pushed for a third appraisal and continued to send supporting data to the appraiser and lender, until the appraiser finally completed a third and more accurate appraisal. She was on the phone with us, the lender and appraiser until this was taken care of, during all hours of the day weekends too. Barbara has a great network she provided us with contacts for home repair contractors and potential babysitters. If we came across any problems, the service providers were eager to quickly fix any issues, knowing they came recommended by Barbara. Barbara cares she treated us as her family, checking in on us personally from time to time and bringing me home-cooked meals or taking me to lunch while my husband was working long hours. She invited us to her daughter’s graduation party and introduced us to people in the community who might be our new neighbors. Her actions helped me and my husband feel more at ease during a nerve tracking time. She continues to stay in contact with us, visiting around the holidays and dropping in now and then to check on the baby girls. I would recommend Barbara to anyone looking to buy or sell a house especially if you need an experienced agent, who can gracefully handle dynamic situations, and you want an expert with a personal touch that can make the process enjoyable.

    Karla & Brad H., San Jose

  • We are writing to recommend Barbara S. Werner as a candidate to be your realtor in the sale or purchase of your home. My wife, Margie, and I have had the pleasure of working with Barbara in the sale of our Los Gatos Country Estate which is located at 14065 Arnerich Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032. We were impressed with Barbara’s energy, enthusiasm, and detailed approach to the details of the marketing and sales process as well as the details of communication with us. None of the plans and approaches that we had reviewed during our search process came up to the quality and thoroughness of Barbara’s approach to valuing, preparing a property for sale and then the details of the selling and marketing activities as well. Our home was a custom built home and as a result, more difficult to value when comps were not available. Barbara was thoughtful, and focused on doing thorough research in coming up with her recommendation as to a realistic listing price for our home. We liked her attention to this technical detail. Once we selected Barbara and began our process of selling, we found that Barbara’s actual attention to detail and communication to be everything that we had hoped it would be. She is an excellent communicator and listener. We did not always agree with everything between us but we were always able to listen to each other and then come to a mutual agreement. We had a very good experience with Barbara during this entire process and never missed a date or action item. We felt that the communication from Barbara was excellent and kept us informed in a timely manner. The quality of her pictures and video representations of our home were the best that we had seen and felt were instrumental in selling our home quickly. When it came time to review offers and focus on the actual art and business of negotiation, Barbara, with our agreement, double ended this transaction. She represented both us as the seller and the buyer in a fair and equitable manner and this was a difficult job to do. We would ask Barbara to be our Realtor again and hope that you will consider her as well with your search to find a realtor to help you with your project. We hope that you will enjoy your journey.

    John & Margie W., Los Gatos

  • Following the passing of our mother, my brother and I made the tough decision to sell the family home the house we grew up in, and the house that had exactly one owner for 54 years. Barbara S. Werner turned out to be the perfect realtor for us in large part because she took the time to learn and understand our situation. Unlike some other realtors, who wanted to rush the house to market, Barbara carefully planned and outlined a strategy that would both give us enough time to meticulously go through everything left behind in the house and make decisions on whether to keep, donate, or toss, while at the same time allow us to clean and stage the home for maximum value. Barbara understands well what both buyers and sellers in the Los Gatos market are looking for. Barbara provided important information throughout the process. She thoroughly analyzed and explained the relevant market conditions, and let us know how much we could reasonably expect for the sale of our family home. She showed us several comparable homes on the market that either recently sold or were currently listed, and she offered us great advice on the things we needed to do to better show our home. The photographer and stager she used were both excellent, and the slide show she put together made the house look fabulous. Because of her marketing of the house, the two weekends of open houses were jam-packed. We took no offers until the day after the second open house, and the house was sold the following day. As a seller, I appreciated Barbara’s commitment to selling our home to a family rather than to an investor. She understood that we considered this a family home, and we envisioned another family like ours living in it for many years. The house ultimately sold to a couple with two young daughters, and to make it even more special, one of the daughters is named Leah, which was my mother’s name. Besides being a fine realtor, Barbara is also just a truly great person. She always has a smile on her face. She always has way more energy than I will ever have. She is honest, professional, well connected and enthusiastic. She is just a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Barbara S. Werner to anyone buying or selling a home.

    Randy F., Los Gatos

  • We can honestly state that across all 18 real estate transactions we have personally been a party to, Barbara S. Werner is by far the best realtor we have experienced. She is what we consider the “anti-realtor” because she stands out as so different from most. Barbara will become your fast friend if you do not yet know her, but she will also be a top tier professional. Her marketing and the contractors she works with are the best in the business. She will not skimp or shy away from ideas you have regarding the pricing or marketing of your home. She will be enthusiastic, optimistic, and excited to work with you to sell your home. If you prefer to let Barbara handle everything, she is fully capable of getting you the best price possible, whether you are buyer or seller. However, she will gladly incorporate your views and ideas into the process if you desire. She is someone you can trust. Throughout the entire process of selling our home, Barbara exhibited a positive outlook, kept her focus on the end result, and worried about making the experience as pleasant as possible for all parties, including the other side. She knows the market well, and she has great empathy and understanding of the human emotions involved in buying and selling a home. As sellers, we appreciated Barbara’s commitment to be at our home for every showing so that she could not only highlight all the home had to offer, but she could also meet every potential buyer to understand their story and how they might fit into the story of the house. Beyond the professional, Barbara is simply a very good, very true human being. She is “good people” and someone you will want to spend time with far beyond the close of your transaction. She cares deeply about people, and works to make people’s dreams come true. She is a believer in human kindness and it shows. We strongly recommend Barbara S. Werner for your real estate needs, and expect that once you select her, you will become a lifelong customer and friend as well.

    Peter and Karen D., Los Gatos

  • I wholeheartedly recommend Barbara S. Werner as a real estate agent in the South Bay. Barbara is very knowledgeable about the neighborhoods, professional, well-connected and thorough. Until we met Barbara, we had been looking on-and-off in the area with no particular sense of urgency and no intention to compete against multiple offers in a seller’s market. It would take the right agent, gently pushing us and finding the right house. Barbara found us an off-market listing that was still under major renovation by the investor or developer. This was no trivial task required a very precisely written purchase contract describing the finished product including customizations, long list of open items or contingencies to be tracked and often re-negotiated, multiple contract extensions an overall long and intense process. Barbara would go out of her way to get every single question and concern we had addressed and worked tirelessly with the seller to deliver on their commitments. She was very accessible, energetic and upbeat with a great sense of humor. She knew when it was most efficient to have all parties in a room to discuss next steps and when tension was too high and info was best relayed through her. While a great negotiator, she would respectfully suggest when we should pick our battles and when to go for it. Barbara also has an eye for detail she has given us ideas for upgrades that we would not have thought of on our own. We have never gone wrong with any of the 3rd party vendors she has recommended either. She still checks in with us to see how we are settling in and we find ourselves going back to her for recommendations on other professionals. I cannot imagine a better agent to have gone through this process with and highly recommend Barbara.

    Muge B. & Mark L., Los Gatos

  • I would highly recommend Barbara S. Werner to anyone who is buying or selling a home. I have bought and sold many homes in the last 25 years, encountering different agents along the way, and Barbara is outstanding. She provided invaluable help at every step in the process when my husband and I were selling our home. At the start, she thoroughly analyzed and explained the relevant market conditions. Whenever there was a comparable home on the market, she discussed it with us in detail and offered to show it to us. Her market analysis was spot on she knows values and keeps current on market conditions. Barbara used her extensive background in marketing to reach a wide audience of potential buyers both locally and internationally. She has a dedicated team of support professionals that did an excellent job in all aspects of sharing the unique story of our home. These professionals included photographers, web designers and stagers. Barbara has an extensive network in the real estate community, and she was dedicated to promoting our home throughout her network. My husband and I were quite pleased with the way Barbara enthusiastically advertised our property. In dealing with potential buyers and their agents, Barbara was quite helpful in securing a great deal for us and negotiating all of the details to get us through close. She was thoroughly involved in making sure every part of the transaction was handled appropriately for all of the parties involved. Barbara is an excellent communicator and kept everyone informed of all of the key information at every stage in the process. My husband and I could really trust Barbara to handle the sale of our home with respect and integrity. We would definitely work with her again.

    Nicole R. & Michael M., Monte Sereno

  • Barbara was introduced and recommended to us by friends, who were also Barbara’s clients. Based on that recommendation, we met with Barbara to interview her, not intending to put our home on the market for another 9 months. At this first meeting, she was very prepared with comps and information related to the potential sale of our home. She did not push us to jump into the market, but rather encouraged us to wait until we were ready. Well, in just 3 weeks, we re-evaluated our plans and decided to move forward. Barbara was wonderful available immediately to work with us, she cheered us on, supported us, helped direct us to contractors, and one of the biggest things for us is an amazing communicator. We were constantly in touch via text, email and phone. When we had a question or needed some assistance, she was always very quick to respond, with a very steady nature. Barbara goes over and above any realtor, who merely lists your home. We had a plan for bringing our home to market, inspections or related work, staging, photography and marketing. All went accordingly to plan and we were very fortunate to have an extremely quick sale, over asking all related to the prep work that Barbara did in marketing our home. Even once the buyer’s offer was accepted and we were in escrow, Barbara was in contact, just to check in. We highly recommend Barbara S. Werner to anyone who is ready to sell or buy. She is an extremely market savvy real estate professional, with an very positive attitude, that genuinely cares for her clients and their future.

    Jane & Peter B., San Jose

  • Marsha and I want to thank you for the outstanding service and attention you’ve given us and the results you’ve delivered. It started a number of years ago when we first considered moving to a single story home that would better meet our needs. You faithfully showed a number of possibilities but after weighing options we decided to postpone the move until a later time. In the years between you’ve remained a close friend and a person we knew we could count on. In October this year, we met to discuss our current needs and you presented us a marketing plan that more than met our expectations. The process began by you finding the perfect home that met all our needs. Our list of requirements and expectations were all exceeded. With our future housing needs met, you quickly helped to prepare our home for sale and set up pricing etc. After a little over week and two open houses we received three offers on the house that met or exceeded our asking price. The new buyers also wanted a 10 day escrow that you were able to secure. Setting the asking price accurately was the result of your diligence in market research and comparable studies. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated and your after sale attention has been outstanding. We consider you more than a real estate agent; rather, a friend that we can count on to meet any further needs.

    Scott & Marsha L., Los Gatos

  • Barbara S. Werner, whom I affectionately refer to as Miss Super Star Realtor, has helped our family with two home sale transaction. To say that she goes over and beyond with her service is an understatement. We had our home on the market in Los Gatos two years with another realtor without success. We took it off of the market, contacted Barbara as our new realtor. Her specialty is definitely putting together an awesome marketing plan. Within 10 days, we had a solid offer on our home. As a thank you gift she presented my husband and me with a beautiful book with photos of our home and our family. I keep it on our coffee table in our new home in Placerville. When we wanted to list another home in San Jose, without hesitation we contacted Barbara. Our son who is a general contractor, remodeled the home which took 6 weeks. She stopped by several times checking on the process, bringing the workers lunch, remarking on the improvements. Barbara beautifully staged the home and put it on the MLS. Guess what…within 2 days she sold the home above the asking price! Again, Miss Super Star Barbara did a fabulous job. Selling a home can be a very stressful transaction. Barbara makes herself available to answer any questions, allay any fears, and give support whenever needed. She is always cheerful, an Energizer Bunny! Without a doubt, if you are looking for a realtor who gives of herself 110 percent, contact Barbara S. Werner, and good luck selling your home!

    Margie W., Los Gatos

  • I met Barbara S. Werner at one of her open houses in my neighborhood. My husband and I had already decided to move and already had an agent, but had not yet signed with them. That was when I walked into the open house Barbara was presenting. Everything was flawlessly displayed. She was bright and cheerful and her enthusiasm for her product was contagious! With Barbara at the helm, we were pleased at every turn! Our home was flawless and beautifully presented! We received multiple offers but in addition to that unlike other agents that might try to advantage themselves by representing both buyer and seller, Barbara went out of her way to not have any conflicts of interest. I am convinced, that because of Barbara’s hard work, enthusiasm for her job, and her professionalism, we received the best offer the market would bear at the time of our house sold. I give Barbara S. Werner my highest endorsement.

    Jennifer K., San Jose

  • I have just moved into the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood and I couldn’t be happier, all thanks to Barbara Werner. I had an urgent need to quickly find a home following the sale of my previous home, and Barbara, and her incredible connections, helped me navigate that complex landscape with professionalism, humor and genuine friendship. Besides identifying and looking at countless homes, and walking me through the standard, but complex, documentation, Barbara worked closely with the selling agent which I’m convinced was instrumental in securing the home with multiple offers recommended a great lending agent got a fantastic rate!, miraculously found a way for me to establish a trust in a matter of hours, set up termite tenting, and even identified a great moving company. Throughout the process she reassured me that everything would fall into place and she was right, all with her help! I highly recommend Barbara to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She will close the deal and you will feel confident that you have a great agent looking out for your best interests and have fun in the process!

    Patty H., San Jose

  • My wife and I had been looking for the perfect home for our family for weeks when we met Barbara. We quickly felt very comfortable with Barbara and we decided to hire her as our real estate agent for both the new house and also for selling our current house at that time. Barbara has been great throughout the entire process, always on top of things, very professional, and relying on an outstanding network of partners. Not only Barbara did an outstanding job negotiating the best price (purchase price for the new house, sales price for the old house), but she always brought a lot of happiness and fun during our conversations and numerous house visits. Besides being a very competent real estate agent, Barbara is a very sweet person and a pure joy to be around. We highly recommend Barbara if you either need to sell your property or buy a new one, or both!

    Sara & Samir B., Los Gatos

  • My husband and I recently went through the process of finding our perfect “dream” house. After 35 years in the same home…where we grew our two children and had many wonderful memories… it was something of an emotional jolt to find the right fit and accept the move not to mention the hoops jumped, papers signed and inspections completed. All I can say is that someone was looking out for us when we partnered with Barbara Werner of KW Los Gatos Estates to help us through the process. Always available, always up beat, always capable…Barbara was the perfect blend of friend and realtor…holding our hands when needed but providing expert advice when needed as well. We quite honestly would not have been able to come out the other side without her guidance. We are now in our beautiful home where new memories will be made with fond memories of the person who helped us get here.

    Rosey & Robert G., Monte Sereno

  • It was a pleasure working with Barbara to find our new home. She is incredibly responsive and made time for us any day of the week to discuss an or see potential homes. Each time we were interested in a home, Barbara did an excellent job gathering relevant comparable information on short notice to help with making offer decisions. Barbara provided us with great guidance throughout the process and considered all of our thoughts in helping us navigate the options in the market. At the end of the day, she helped us buy our dream home and did a fantastic job selling our previous home at the top of the local market in just 6 days from the initial listing. Barbara was also great with negotiating terms and requests with the other parties to each transaction. I highly recommend Barbara and would not hesitate enlisting her real estate services in the future.

    Vigen S., Campbell & Saratoga

  • I had the good fortune to work with Barbara S. Werner at Intel, before she became a real estate agent. I knew her to be a smart and creative marketer with a great work ethic, and someone who produced outstanding results. So when I needed a real estate agent, Barbara’s name was at the top of my list. From our first meeting through the close of the sale, Barbara provided caring and attentive service. Barbara knows that selling a home is more than a financial transaction and she demonstrated deep sensitivity to all of the emotions I experienced in the process. She took time to answer my questions and went above and beyond to ensure that all of my needs were met. Because of Barbara’s dedication, I not only got a great price, but I even have a new friendship with the family who purchased the home. If you are looking for an agent you can trust to produce results on all levels, call Barbara. You’ll be glad you did.

    Pam Van O., San Jose

  • Once again Barbara has done wonders for our family. We were looking to upgrade our home since our son second child was born. My husband and I landed on a house we fell in love with and Barbara’s big angel wings swooped in and within three days we saw the house, made an offer and were in escrow! Just like that! Then two weeks later Barbara was already in our old house doing the groundwork to get it on the market. And again, just like that, the house was on the market for only 7 days! Barbara has been our agent for the past 4 years and our relationship has grown to a beautiful friendship. We love and appreciate her honesty and professionalism as well as her sincere care for our family. You would be hard pressed to find a more genuine person to help you in your real estate needs than her.

    Karyn & Or P., San Jose (Willow Glen and Cambrian)

  • Barbara is amazing, honest and easy going. She is professional and makes the selling process and as stress-free as possible. We have worked with Barbara on the buying side 5 years ago and just recently on the selling side. Her team is very organized and maintained effective communication throughout the selling and escrow process. She helped in every way possible from referring us to moving companies or services to cleaning and gardening professionals. She also connected us with an amazing real estate resource in Boise Idaho where we purchased our new home. We highly recommend working with Barbara and her team. We cannot say enough about how awesome it is working with her.

    Bryant & Johanna A., San Jose and Boise, Idaho

  • We hired Barbara to be our real estate agent a few months ago and can honestly say this was the best decision we made. Barbara is a a passionate and warm professional who smoothly guides her clients through the complexity and stress of home buying and selling. She is highly organized and detailed oriented which is critical in this business. She also remains positive throughout the whole process. Another huge plus is her dedication to her work: she is not only available at all hours but also very helpful in finding and managing contractors. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a property in the Los Gatos and Saratoga area.

    Beatrice C., Saratoga

  • Barbara is an ultimate seasoned professional who puts the needs and wants of her clients first! Pleasure working with her and would highly recommend her to all potential buyers and sellers. My husband and I are first time home buyers as well as new to the area and Barbara was so patient and we could truly tell she wanted the best for us. She listened to our wants and needs and worked with us for 7 months to find the home we wanted! We spoke to a few Realtors before we found Barbara and found her to be one of the few agents who tell it like it is without making open ended promises! If you’re looking for a no nonsense seasoned veteran, Barbara gets our vote!”

    Karyn & Or P., Cambrian/San Jose

  • Barbara, Thank you so much for doing such a great job selling the Rafton home for the family. It was fun working with you during the remodel process. I enjoyed your frequent visits to check on progress and to stay on top of all the improvements that were made in order to create the best home description possible. For you to bring me and my crew lunch several times during construction was over the top and greatly appreciated. You really do an outstanding job showing us you care about your clients and take pride in your work. If I know of anyone in that area that needs a home sold I will hands down make a recommendation that they use you as their agent.

    Michael W.

  • Barbara is an exceptional person who offers a rare combination of personal and professional qualities she is very well organized, knows her subject and yet can easily relate to her clients’ needs. She manages to stay positive, and inspires a ton of confidence even in difficult times. I can honestly say that she made the impossible happen for us. Thank you Barbara!Barbara was and amazing and we couldn’t have asked for a better agent. Very professional, pleasant and knowledgeable, she made the process of selling our home go very smoothly. We would highly recommend her.

    Xavier C., Saratoga

  • Our family has used Barbara as our agent on several occasions over the past few years. Her communication skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of the real estate industry are excellent. We come from a family of high expectations in terms of how we interact with our agent, and Barbara rose to the challenge each time. Thanks to her in depth experience, we have successfully navigated several complex transactions that have afforded our family with new and exciting real estate opportunities. Barbara’s positive attitude and creativity make her a true pleasure to interact with. We would highly recommend Barbara to manage your real estate needs.

    Joel W.

  • Barbara has been an incredible marketer, salesperson, adviser, designer, and friend in pulling off the recent sale of our home in San Jose. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the local market and guided the entire process from getting the home ready for sale to marketing to negotiating. Her positive and strategic approach yielded multiple offers significantly over our listing price after only one weekend of open houses and an escrow that closed in 7 days. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks Barb for everything!

    Elyssa & Frazer E., San Jose

  • My husband and I just bought our first home with the help of Barbara. She made the process smooth and easy, which was important for us as first time home buyers. Barbara really knows what it takes to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. What makes her unique is that she has tons of real estate expertise PLUS she is easy to work with, really looks out for her client’s best interest, always gives honest and informed opinions, and will take care of you like she would her closest friends. Thanks for everything Barbara! We will call you if we need anything!

    Hilary & Travis R., Cambrian-San Jose

  • I highly recommend Barbara S. Werner as a real estate agent. Barbara helped us find out home in San Jose 6 years ago, when we moved into San Jose. We recently moved back to Southern California, and she not only handle the sale of our home in San Jose, she recommend movers for us, and found us an excellent real estate agent in Southern California to find our new home. Barbara is highly motivated, and took care of all our needs with our move to make it a painless process.

    Heather & Brian D., San Jose

  • Barbara was such a pleasure to work with. My wife and I worked with Barbara on the purchase of a new home, and the sale of our current home. She was communicative, knowledgeable, and most importantly was always available to answer our questions. We had a greatly positive experience working with Barbara and would recommend her to our friends and family.

    Kevin & Lisa C., San Jose

  • Words cannot express how thankful we are that Barbara found our forever home for us. Barbara brings a wealth of real estate knowledge, positive attitude, and strong relationships with other realtors which in a competitive and difficult market, you need! We would recommend Barbara for any real estate transaction. She will always be apart of our growing family.

    Tiffany H., Los Gatos

  • Hi Barbara, I wrote a recommendation for you regarding your assistance in locating an agent for us in Maui who was outstanding in helping us find the right home. Even more impressive was that fact that you found her within two days, she was up to speed on what we were looking for. We were able to find our retirement home on our first visit to Maui. Thank you.

    Robin S., Monte Sereno

  • My experience with Barb was great from beginning to end. She's well-informed and experienced. There was never a question that she couldn't answer, and she helped me through the whole process, from deciding to buy, to finding neighborhoods, to securing my loan and dealing with appraiser shenanigans. She was proactive and treated me like family. Highly, highly recommended. I would work with her again whether I'm buying, selling, or both.

    Robert T., San Jose

  • Barbara is a true professional who goes above and beyond for her clients. We had a wonderful experience working with her on both the buyer and seller sides. She was responsive, detailed and a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. Her deep knowledge of the market combined with her great instincts and friendly personality make her an ideal realtor.

    Cristina S., Campbell & Saratoga

  • Barbara worked diligently to help us find our home in Los Gatos. She continually goes above and beyond, when it comes to getting you to see everything out there! She knows the area well, and is top-notch in customer service.

    Donna R., Los Gatos

  • I highly recommend Barbara for any of your future real estate needs. Barbara is thorough and tenacious, and she particularly shines when it comes to marketing your property for sale. All of her promotional material, online postings, social media and video production are outstanding. And perhaps best of all, Barbara is a real pleasure with whom to work.

    Bruce S., Monte Sereno

  • Barbara is by far one of the most thorough and thoughtful professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. She has a unique quality of balancing patience with persistence and makes the experience enjoyable. I would recommend her highly to anyone who is seeking real estate services.

    Michael H., Los Gatos

  • Once again Barbara has done wonders for our family. We were looking to upgrade our home since our son (second child) was born. My husband and I landed on a house we fell in love with and Barbara’s big angel wings swooped in and within three days we saw the house, made an offer and were in escrow! Just like that! Then two weeks later Barbara was already in our old house doing the groundwork to get it on the market. And again , just like that, the house was on the market for only 7 days! Barbara has been our agent for the past 4 years and our relationship has grown to a beautiful friendship. We love and appreciate her honesty and professionalism as well as her sincere care for our family. You would be hard pressed to find a more genuine person to help you in your real estate needs than her.

    Karyn P., Willow Glen and Cambrian

  • Barbara was our agent, as well as the seller’s agent, in a home we purchased recently. We were very appreciative of her calm, upbeat demeanor, her thoroughness, attention to detail and timely communications and we’re delighted with our home purchase.

    Louise & Les P., San Jose

  • Barbara is a rockstar. We trusted her so much we bought our house without ever seeing it in person! She knew what we wanted, took great pictures and videos. Six months later we couldn’t be more satisfied. I highly recommend her.

    George I., Los Gatos

  • Barbara is the best for so many reasons. We called on Barbara to buy and sell the same home in San Jose. She made our experience so painless. When buying, we were in the middle of expecting twins and found ourselves in a tense multiple offer situation and we really needed a house. She pitched our offer complete with a letter and photo, and I'm convinced she won us the house. She provided sound guidance all the way through the negotiation process. Barbara has a fantastic network of home improvement professionals and other resources in the community. Not only is she talented at what she does, she is very friendly and down-to-earth. Driving around looking at houses, we felt totally at ease. On the flip side, as we sold our home, we trusted Barbara to help us choose some simple home updates that would give us the most return for our money. She aggressively marketed our home and was very hands-on throughout the process (selling our home in about a week and gaining us a great return). After moving to a new geographic area, we found ourselves in a home that was not a great fit for us and without a local realtor we could trust. Not knowing exactly what to do next, we called Barbara for guidance (though she was not in our area). She advised us on a strategy to sell our house and found us a local agent within her network who was a good fit for us. That was an extremely difficult time for our family, and she remained non-judgemental and supportive, checking in on us throughout the whole process, which really enabled us to take our next steps to be in a place we enjoyed. Barbara has real-world experience, is in tune with the market, knows how to leverage social media, has a strong network locally and statewide, makes herself available whenever a client needs her, thinks outside the box, has a keen sense with marketing, has endless energy, and is just a great person!

    Firoz P., Willow Glen

  • Barbara S. Werner was a pleasure to work with. She understood our real estate criteria and diligently pursued every opportunity. We would highly recommend her! Her energy and enthusiasm made our search for a home a positive experience.

    Matthew R., Los Gatos

  • We had the pleasure of working with Barbara Werner on the sale of our home in Los Gatos. It was the most flawless real estate sale we’ve had over our 40plus years. From the advice on making improvements to raise the value of the property to keeping us on track with the details of the sale, she brought humor and a plethora of resources to get the house sold quickly, efficiently and at an excellent market value. We are so grateful for her expertise and kindness along the way. We would definitely use her again.

    Rossella and Jon D., Los Gatos

  • Without Barbara’s expertise and experience we would not have sold our San Jose house in a week with multiple offers and over asking or have been able to purchase a beach house in SoCal with the proceeds at the same time. Not only did she recommend excellent landscapers and painters to increase its value, but her marketing efforts brought in many potential buyers. Plus when we found our dream SoCal place before we even placed the San Jose house on the market she made the impossible happen. Not only did she represent us in San Jose, but she also worked the realtor process down south to assure that we were able to align the escrows. She made miracles happen in a very short timeframe. I absolutely recommend Barbara since she is the best realtor I’ve ever used.

    Cambrian Seller and Playa Vista buyer

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    Barbara holds a deep appreciation for the humanity of the real estate business. Her attention to detail, integrity and personal dedication to your satisfaction are your assurances to first-class service and exceptional results. She loves what she does, and it shows!